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by Perry Lamek
"Whoa! It's hard to believe all that voice," raves rock'n'roll legend Bobby Vee. "She really sings great -- lots of texture, great delivery. All of that from such an innocent, smiling face."

"Andrea," says Nashville-based producer/musician Craig Krampf, "has the heart and soul for the music."

Indeed, music fans from coast to coast are taking notice of the Wisconsin-born singer/songwriter whose dynamic stage presence and sumptuous vocals cannot be ignored - and will not be denied.

"I like Andrea a lot," says Chris James of Rock'N'Read Magazine. "What's not to like? She exudes cool --unpretentious, but with attitude."

"Andrea," proclaims famed hit-maker Walter Egan, "is like a warm ray of sunshine!"

She's feels...the passion

"I've learned a lot living in Nashville," Andrea smiles. "I've confirmed a lot about what I do."

The Great Unknown - Andrea
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To Be Wanted - Andrea
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